Watch Protective Film

Protect your investment

Buying a luxury watch is, more often than not, more than just a timepiece. It is an investment that is often purchased both for to enjoy and as an investment. 

Many times, first time buyers of luxury watches make the purchase but end up not wearing the watch at all, as they’re afraid that the scratches these watches pick up over time will hurt the resale value of these watches.

With the protective film, watchowners will now be able to enjoy their watches without having to worry about the value being affected.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should get the protective film for your watches:

1. Scratch protection: Luxury watches often feature high-quality materials such as sapphire crystal, ceramic, or precious metals. However, these materials are not completely scratch-proof. A protective film can act as a barrier, safeguarding your watch against daily wear and tear, accidental bumps, or scratches from sharp objects.


2. Maintaining resale value: Luxury watches are often considered valuable investments. By using a protective film, you can help preserve the pristine condition of your watch’s case, bezel, and crystal. When it comes time to sell or trade your watch in the future, having a well-maintained exterior can help retain its value and attract potential buyers.


3. Retaining aesthetics: Luxury watches often feature intricate designs, polished surfaces, and delicate finishes. Over time, these elements can wear down or become damaged through regular use. A protective film acts as a sacrificial layer, absorbing the brunt of daily wear and tear, ensuring that your watch retains its original beauty and finish.


4. Easy maintenance: Applying a watch protective film is a relatively simple process. It usually involves cleaning the watch, applying the film using adhesive or static cling, and trimming it to fit perfectly. The film can be easily replaced if it becomes worn or damaged, allowing for hassle-free maintenance without the need for professional intervention.


5. Peace of mind: A luxury watch is often a prized possession, and it can be disheartening to see it get scratched or damaged. By using a protective film, you can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that your watch is shielded against potential harm. It allows you to wear your watch with confidence, whether you’re engaging in sports, outdoor activities, or daily tasks.



It’s important to note that protective films may not be suitable for all types of luxury watches, especially those with specific case designs or non-standard crystal shapes. Additionally, the decision to use a protective film ultimately depends on your personal preferences and how you plan to use and maintain your watch.


Please check in with us and we’ll be happy to share what brands of watches we have protective films for!